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Course Hero is AN education technology web site company primarily based in Redwood town, California, that operates an internet learning platform for college students to access course-specific study resources contributed by a community of scholars and educators.

The crowdsourced learning platform contains apply issues, study guides, infographics, category notes, gradual explanations, essays, science lab reports, videos, user-submitted queries paired with answers from tutors, and original materials created and uploaded by educators. Users either get a subscription or transfer original documents to receive unlocks that ar wont to read and transfer full Course Hero documents

Study Documents

In 2012 it had been declared that Course Hero provided access to over seven million uploaded study documents. Students pay a monthly subscription to own immediate Premier Access to Course Hero or they will transfer forty documents to receive free access for a month. once a user has uploaded forty documents, they will transfer up to three hundred documents from Course Hero. However, it takes regarding 3 days to induce Premier Access when submitting documents. User will hunt for documents by content, university or course subject.[7]
A philanthropic initiative known as the Course Hero data Drive was introduced in September 2010 within which one book is given to Books for Africa for each ten study documents uploaded to the web site. Since its origination, the Course Hero data Drive has given over two hundred,000 books to students and colleges abroad.[8]

Tutoring Services

Course Hero offers 24/7 access to on-line tutors. they {will|they'll} raise any question a couple of subject and an instructor will respond at intervals three days. This access is charged per use via "credits" for Premier Users, however basic subscribers have to be compelled to pay per question.[citation needed]


On Apr seventeen, 2012, Course Hero launched twenty two free on-line courses in 3 "learning paths": Entrepreneurship, Business, and internet Programming. These courses use aggregate academic content from the net and systematically check students till they master their subject. every course breaks down into roughly half dozen sections, teaching a mixture of videos and articles.[9] On August seven, 2012, Course Hero additional an additional eighteen free skill-based courses to their catalog.[10] Course Hero conjointly rewards students World Health Organization complete five or additional in either 3 offered learning ways. Prizes embrace the chance to pitch a business arrange to SV Angel and $5,000 or an opportunity to induce employment at Course Hero.

Video Lectures and pedagogue Platform

This is wherever educators will overtly share data and content through Course Hero[11]. you'll search through a library of video lectures by university, subject or teacher. This a part of the web site conjointly offers a free directory of digital courses that ar obtainable on the net.

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